Hello there! It's a pleasure to connect with you here. We're delighted to introduce you to Seeds of Thyme, a dedicated education and wellness company committed to sharing knowledge and simplifying the use of essential oils. Our mission is to empower individuals, like yourself, to unlock the potential of these natural treasures and enhance your home, family, and personal path to wellness.

While we may be Young Living's newest partner, we bring with us decades of experience, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning. At Seeds of Thyme, we gather the seeds of knowledge that have been shared for ages and deliver ancient wisdom in modern-day ways.

We are fearless truth-seekers, dedicated fact-finders, and passionate wellness warriors who understand the empowering nature of knowledge. We invite you to "sapere aude," a Latin phrase meaning "dare to know." Because we firmly believe that well-informed individuals have the power to heal the world.

Our Credo:

    • Sharing knowledge: We strive to provide the most reliable and comprehensive collection of essential oil education, supported by decades of research and discovery.
    • Simplifying usage & sharing: We create healthier homes by making the use of essential oils simpler. We share recipes, tips, and usage guides, and facilitate conversations through stylish merchandise and accessories.
    • Protecting the planet: We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We source sustainably, offer digital media and eBooks, and actively work to minimize waste.
    • Giving back: We genuinely care about people and the planet. We contribute to causes that promote education, protect the environment, and support communities in need.
    Let’s grow together!
    Insta: @seeds.of.thyme
    FB: Seeds of Thyme



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